RANDOM SHOTS: Student utilizing a building’s outdoor lights to study because his home has no electricity praised by netizens

Photos of a student who has been using the outdoor lighting of a hotel and convenience store in Cagayan de Oro City in order to study and make assignments has been making the rounds of social media. Accordingly, the young student can be seen almost every night along the sidewalk of Limketkai Luxe Hotel and 7-Eleven Convenience Store because his home has no electricity. Many netizens have praised the boy because despite of shortcomings, he continues to study and many also wanted to help him and asked where he lives.

photo by Kagay-an

Some netizens suggested he should be given scholarship by the city government.

photo by Kagay-an

Some pedestrians even give him some food and drinks when they pass by the area.

photo by Liieen Kolien Del Puerto Ministerio

You can see him always with a backpack where he keeps his books and school items.

photo by Nor-janifah barodi

A netizen even wanted to locate him so he can donate a solar setup so he can study at night.

photo by Edualc Gutierrez

If you have any info on him, please do message us so we can refer him to kind-hearted individuals.

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