Here is the latest update on the construction of the new CDO Eastern Diversion Road, a 4.25-kilometer, 2-lane alternate road that originates from the South Diversion Road (near Alegria Hills) and winds through the upper slopes of Macasandig, Nazareth, and Camaman-an, connecting to JR Borja Extension and extending all the way to Lapasan. As of this post, road opening and concreting has now reached the section just above the City Memorial Park. Once completed, this road is anticipated to be a crucial route in Cagayan de Oro. Aerial shots courtesy of TRip ni ToniO.

As a review, here’s the alignment of the road opening.

The road opening has now progressed around the periphery of the City Memorial Park.

You can see Paseo del Rio in the background.

The are where you can see telecom towers is at Upper Macasandig.

This is looking south towards Alegria Hills.

The area offers a picturesque view of the city’s downtown area.

Keep posted.

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