A female law student was a picture of relief and gratitude after being reunited with her laptop she had inadvertently left inside a taxi in Cagayan de Oro City. Following a distressing ordeal, she had to thank an honest passenger who had found her laptop and went to great lengths to locate her and return her lost belongings.

In his Facebook post, Edzen Alpuerto Espina, an official of Liceo de Cagayan University, hailed a taxi in front of the school and got drawn to the sight of a laptop sleeves and notebook left behind by the previous passenger.

Edzen Alpuerto Espina

He asked about the last rider, and the driver informed him that he had dropped off some elderly individuals at Camp Evangelista. Edzen tried to look for contact details on the MacBook inside, to no avail. With a vague recollection, the driver recalled dropping off the laptop owner at a café near Sportszone. Driven by a strong resolve to reconnect the owner with her possessions, Edzen instructed the driver to proceed to the café. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the owner had already left so he left his contact details with the guard, hopeful she might return come back.

Edzen then meticulously combed through the remaining items and stumbled upon a small 1×1 photograph. Additionally, he inferred that the owner was likely a law student based on the contents of her notebook. In an effort to expedite the search, he took a snapshot of the picture and shared it with a chat group of his law student friends. Much to his relief, two of his friends swiftly identified the lady in the photo. Promptly, he managed to establish contact with her and they arranged to meet in Uptown Cagayan de Oro.

As Edzen handed over her laptop and notebook, he could discern the profound sense of relief and gratitude reflected in her eyes. Describing the encounter, Edzen expressed “It was a moment of pure joy and connection, knowing how important these items were to her, not just in terms of their material value but for the irreplaceable data and notes contained within.”

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