Check out the latest progress update on the construction of the 10.80-kilometer CDO Eastern Interior Bypass Road more specifically along the Tablon-Agusan Section. This 6-lane alternate road from Gusa to Puerto aims to decongest traffic along the main National Highway and reduce travel time and provide an alternate and more scenic mountain route for travelers.

Shown below is the Tablon Section of the road opening traversing Alveo Property.

You can observe road concreting near Bayview Heights Access Road junction.

The Eastern Interior Bypass Road is shown at right with the Bayview Heights Access Road at left.

You can observe the whole width of the new 6-lane bypass road at the back of N&G Industrial Park in Baloy, Tablon.

The road opening passes along the southern perimeter of N&G Industrial Park (blue roofed warehouse complex). CDO Nestle Factory is seen at right.

The new road ends where there is an ongoing hill cutting towards the rear of Nestle.

Meanwhile, this is Agusan Bridge 3 also along the Eastern Interior Bypass Road. This is the same bridge you see when going to Guadalupe Shrine.

As shown below, the bridge’s approaches are still undeveloped.

You can also observe the proposed alignment of the bridge approach on this side.

Keep posted.

Watch below.

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