RANDOM SHOTS: Cagayan de Oro’s Nikki de Moura wears mythical gold fish-inspired national costume for Miss Grand Philippines

Cagayan de Oro’s Nikki de Moura was literally glittering in gold during the National Costume Presentation, a pre-pageant event of Miss Grand Philippines 2023. Nikki wore a dress designed by Jiejie Aisa inspired by the city’s mythical golden fish called “Oro”. The beauty has been a favorite among pageant enthusiuasts.

Here are more info on her dress (from Miss Grand Philippines FB page):

Designer: Jie-Jie Asia

OPORTUNADIDADES DE ORO (Golden Opportunities)

Inspired by Cagayan de Oro’s mythical gold fish, or “Oro”, traditionally believed to be its protector, the national costume reminds how the 800,000 inhabitants live in a crib of resilience that is known as the city of golden friendship. Designed by Jie-Jie Aisa, the dress represents strength, transformation, and luck by the glittering gold-colored fish scales in a serpentina gown showcasing the unparalled generosity of its people who excellently champion innovation, competitiveness, and golden opportunities.

photo by @marvin.quitalig

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