RANDOM SHOTS: Groove33 – Cagayan de Oro’s only vinyl record store opens at Pueblo Business Park

Which is better – analog or digital recording? Before the advent of digital streaming, analog recording was the king of the airwaves and vinyl record stores are often the go-to places for music lovers. Now, most vinyl records are collector’s items and found only in online stores. In Cagayan de Oro City, a new store has just opened selling vintage vinyl records, turntables and audio equipment. Groove33 located at Don Pacifico Building at the corner of Las Ramblas and Atlantic Streets at Pueblo Business Park is bringing back the glory days of vinyl. For inquiries, just contact 0917-811-9994.

Groove33 is so-named because vinyl records are often called 33s or 33 revolutions per minute (speed in which a turntable spins).

The store is right beside Laundry Day Laundromat.

Groove33 is open daily from 11AM to 10PM.

The place is a haven for audiophiles.

It has a collection of top-selling vinyl records and more are still coming. Each 12-inch vinyl record costs P1,500 while a double record is P2,000. The 7-inch vinyl is priced at P200 each.

They don’t have a catalogue yet but their collection covrs all music genres and you can choose from among the display.

Visitors can also request for a free listening session.

They also have branded audio equipment with price range from P10,000 to P35,000 depending on the model.

These are quality and well-maintained audio equipment mostly from Japan.

Speakers are if different sizes.

If you’re looking for some branded turntable, check out Groove33.

You might want to check the rare vertical turntable.

They also have a small collection of cassette tapes that are sold at P200 each.

Customers can hangout at their outdoor area.

If you have old vinyl records, Groove33 also accepts vinyl cleaning at P100.

By the way, do you know that vinyl is already making a comeback and in fact, had more sales than CD’s? – SOURCE

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