Craving for that Newfoundland style chicken in buttery toasted brioche buns with coleslaw, pickles and signature frkn sauce or perhaps that crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, spicy chicken tenders? Frkn’ Brgrs will be opening soon a much bigger place in Cagayan de Oro’s downtown area, more specifically at Center Point along Domingo Velez Street.

As shown below, Frkn Brgrs will occupy two spaces at the commercial strip. Its downtown branch was previously located at Metro Food Park.

Here’s the full menu.

Fried Chicken Brgr

Fried Chicken Tenders + Waffles

Smash Brgr

Smash Burger w/ fries + Fried Chicken Tenders+Waffles + Burger Steak Supreme

Fried Chicken Tenders + fries + mac & cheese

Tenders with homemade frkn sauce

Are you ready for a frkn’ party?

Frkn’ Brgrs other branch is at The Uptown Strip at Pueblo de Oro. Keep posted.

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