RANDOM SHOTS: Solar road studs now being installed along Bulua Highway

Internally illuminated pavement leveled solar studs are now being installed along a portion of Bulua Highway in Cagayan de Oro City. Solar road studs helps and guides motorists to easily identify boundaries between lanes especially at night, along dark roads, and during severe weather conditions thus preventing and reducing cases of road accidents.


As shown below, the boundary of the outer lane now have solar road studs. This is right along Caltex Gas Station and across Villa Candida Subdivision.


Here’s a closer look of the studs which use LED as a light source that emits brighter light without relying on a vehicle’s headlight beam. It is also energy-efficient as it sources its power through a solar panel that collects energy from the sun in daylight allowing the road solar stud to function and brighten the road for the entire night.


Solar road studs are an improvement from the traditional cat’s eye reflectors.


You can observe holes along the inner lanes where solar road studs were accordingly removed.


Road solar studs are the more modern version of the traditional cat’s eye reflectors that use retroreflective materials that rely on a headlight beam for illumination.


Solar road studs are also observed along the eastbound lanes.


Hopefully, more of the city’s main thoroughfares will have solar road studs.

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