TRENDING: Cop lends his back for exhausted child to lean on at hospital

A cop has gone trending in social media after posting a photo of himself lending his back to a seemingly exhausted child to lean on inside the emergency room of a hospital in Cagayan de Oro City. His Facebook post has drawn more than 9,300 reactions and shared at least 2,400 times.

In his Facebook post labeled “sandal” or “lean” in English, Rain Dre stated he was at the ER as a watcher for a fellow cop who got injured in the tragic accident in Naawan, Misamis Oriental when he noticed the small child with her parents enter the ER apparently for admission or medical check-up. The child quickly sat beside him. As he was monitoring his messenger for any further instructions, he felt the exhausted child lean on him. He then saw her father about to take her but Rain Dre raised his hand and gave a thumbs up signalling it’s ok and the kid seemed exhausted.

photo by Rain Dre

He then shared a message to those parents out there not to scare their children about them (police) being around them. Instead, parents should let them feel and know how safe they are with them. Teach them how to build their trust to them, and let them know they can always lean on them.

Read his post below.

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