Kagayanon music artist Winset Jacot wakes up from coma

Kagayanon singer songwriter Winset Jacot who is now based in the United States is recovering well, a few days after waking up from coma at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. In a Facebook post by her sister Jemima, Winset still needs more time to fully recover as she sometimes feels weak and dizzy but it is manageable. Winset for her part just posted a message on her Instagram account for the first time since her hospitalization.

photo by Jemima Jacot
photo by Jemima Jacot
photo by Jemima Jacot

Read Winset’s message on Instagram below.

Hi everyone! It hasn’t been too long since I woke up from coma & your prayers saved me. I’m now recuperating well. I am giving my all to recover faster.

Me & my sisters are overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages that we received. Appreciate it guys! I will try to reply as soon as I have the strength to do so.

I was on astral projection while on coma. I left my body and saw Mama Vel. She was folding my clothes & placed them inside my luggage and told me

“Don’t stay here. Leave!”

Right there and then, I woke up. My first word was “Ma”.

SPECIAL THANKS to my sister @jem_jacot & brother-in-law @paolomartin95 who drove 14hrs from New York to Tennessee to take care of me. Love you all!

photo by Jemima Jacot

Winset was airlifted to Nashville, Tennessee on New Year’s Day for highest level of intensive care. Doctors diagnosis was “status epilepticus” which is a form of seizure.

photo by Jemima Jacot

Winset gained popularity with Cebuano-speaking fans after Youtube videos of two of her Bisaya songs – “Gugma Pa More” and “Kung pwede na Kung pwede pa” went viral in social media. Check out her music videos below.

“Kung pwede na Kung pwede pa”

“Gugma Pa More”

photo from Winset Jacot’s Instagram account
photo from Winset Jacot’s Instagram account
photo from Winset Jacot’s Instagram account
photo from Winset Jacot’s Instagram account
photo from Winset Jacot’s Instagram account

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