PROJECT WATCH: Project Lunhaw (Multi-Level Parking Building with Open Theater, Viewing Deck) as of November 2023

Construction continues for the Multi-Level Parking Building with Open Theater and Viewing Deck Section which will be connected to the new Amphitheater as part of the Project Lunhaw development. Ramps from the basement to the second floor are already observed.

Here’s the proposed development.

Based on the Site Development Plan below, a bridge will be constructed connecting the new City Amphitheater to the Multi-level Parking Building which has 3 levels (basement, ground floor and second floor). Along the bridge are sun shelters. The bridge will connect to the 2nd Floor of the Parking Building where Rentable Tenant Spaces with Solar Roofing Installation are placed. On the southwest section will be the Open Theater for outdoor shows and presentation. And finally, two cantilevered viewing decks will be installed for a great view of the river.

Here are more project perspectives.

Watch below.

Here’s the BASEMENT FLOOR PLAN. You can see the ramps coming from the ground floor.

Here’s the GROUND FLOOR PLAN (Road Level). There are at least 16 parking slots allocated. Ramps are placed for entry into the basement parking area.


Here’s a detailed OPEN THEATER PLAN.

RENTABLE SPACES are perfect for MSMEs. The roofing will have 48 solar panels installed.



Below are ELEVATION DRAWINGS of the project.

all images screengrabs (DPWH)

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