Construction continues for the 6.74-kilometer Opol-Canitoan Diversion Road. This new 4-lane diversion road will have bike lanes on both sides where motorists can bypass Bulua between Uptown CDO and Opol. As shown, only three major sections remain unfinished. Photos by TRip ni Tonio.

Here’s the whole road alignment highlighting (in RED) the sections where ongoing construction is still observed.

The new road is shown at left and shows basically the large undeveloped areas of Igpit, Opol.

This is the section where the road starts to cut across the hills.

This is the section where the road traverses the southern hills bordering Igpit in Opol, Iponan and Baikingon in Cagayan de Oro.

From the hills, the road traverses the existing Iponan-Baikingon Road. Iponan River is shown at right.

The hills are shown in the background and at the foreground shows the section connecting to Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro. Note ongoing road concreting. You can see the existing Iponan-Baikingon Road.

This is the same road but looking east towards Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro.

Imagine when completed this 4-lane major highway will spur progress in the vicinity in the future.

Here’s a shot showing the whole stretch of the section where the bridge crosses Iponan River towards Canitoan.

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