VIDEO WATCH: Thief breaks into Kauswagan home while family is away; suspect caught on CCTV

In these times where many are leaving their homes to travel or pay respects to their departed relatives at cemeteries and memorial parks, always lock the house doors and don’t leave valuable things outside. A family from Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City, encountered an unsettling incident while vacationing in Camiguin. Despite being away, they were able to monitor their residence via a CCTV system they had installed. At approximately 1:30 AM on November 1, 2023, the footage revealed an intruder attempting to gain access to their property. Fortunately, the intruder was unable to breach the house, but managed to pilfer valuable items, including tools, from the open garage

As shown in this CCTV footage shared to us, the suspect wearing a shirt with the print “CHALLENGE” or “CHALLENGER” and with a small flashlight in his mouth scaled the fence and moved slowly towards the door. His face can be initially clearly seen but when he glanced up and saw the camera, he slowly covered his face with his shirt and scaled back over the fence. A few moments later, the suspect returned and went over to the garage on the other side and left with a small bag of some tools in the garage.

Below are screengrabs.

This occurrence underscores the significance of implementing security measures and staying vigilant, especially during periods when homeowners are away.

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