Cagayan de Oro City recently hosted the first-ever Philippine Coffee Roasting Competition at the Xavier Estates and Country Club where coffee masters from the country gathered and showcased their unique coffee roasting skills. Mary Jane Cua was declared champion. She won the grand prize of one Tesla Roaster. In second place is Arnel Francisco Cadeliňa while Alexander Ray Sumania finished in third place.

Meanwhile, the top 3 winners of the Hoop Brewing Competitio are as follows:

Champion: John Nangkil
2nd place: Dan Timtim
3rd place: Ritche Sabio

The competition aims to raise awareness on the art and science of coffee roasting as well as inspire and ignite potential coffee entrepreneurs their passion leading to the expansion and diversification of the coffee industry across the country.

Browse photos below (grabbed from Filipino Coffee Competitions Facebook page).

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