PROJECT WATCH: Perspective of 4-lane Ysalina Bridge with separate bike lane and sidewalk

Here’s a perspective of the upcoming 4-lane Ysalina Bridge with a dedicated bike lane and sidewalk, set to replace the current 2-lane bridge connecting City Proper and Barangay Carmen. The new bridge will maintain the old steel truss design but with added bike lanes, sidewalks, and guardrails. This view is facing City Hall.

cropped/enhanced photo from Gallardo

The bridge project has been a subject of discussion between conservationists and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).  Safety was the major factor in the decision to replace the bridge. In December 2022, the DPWH reduced its load capacity from 7 tons to only 4 tons where only light vehicles are allowed to pass.

A recent survey on the bridge by DPWH engineers revealed that the steel girders of the bridge that support its deck have been found to be corroded despite the retrofit or rebar done on its structure. Further, the steel corrosion have extended to the steel support piles and caps that support the structure making it unsafe for the public and vehicles. – SOURCE

The bridge was named after Paciencio Ysalina who served as Misamis Oriental Governor from 1951-1954.

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