PROJECT WATCH: Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road (Puerto-Gusa Section) as of September 2023

Reclamation works for the 4-lane 9.3-kilometer Puerto-Gusa Section of the Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road is now well underway. As shown in the latest progress update, the coastal road will connect to Sayre Highway at the Puerto Flyover Junction. The project is still in the initial stage but you can already identify the houses which will be affected by the project particularly at Puerto Junction. Aerial photos by TRip ni ToniO.

Delivery of filling materials are still ongoing.

You can assume several of these houses and buildings will have to be demolished for the road opening. Sayre Highway Junction is seen in the background.

When completed, the Coastal Road will provide alternate parallel access for motorists and help decongest the National Highway.

The challenge for this section is the presence of private ports along the coast. Several viaducts could be used.

The reclamation works is shown with Del Monte Cannery and Wharf in the background.

Further, there could also be changes in the road alignment after the city government requested DPWH to have it realigned to generate more reclamation areas particularly in Gusa area.

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