RANDOM SHOTS: Demetrio’s Pizza and Pasta Uptown formally moves to new site at Pueblo de Oro

Demetrio’s Pizza and Pasta, home of the best dem pizza in Cagayan de Oro has formally moved and opened its uptown branch to a new location at Pueblo de Oro Business Park along Las Ramblas and Regatta Boulevard. Just in time for the city fiesta, the new uptown site still serves its best-selling pizzas such as the Spinachi, Alohawaiian, Formaggi, Italian Sausage, Maximo Meatlovers and Peperoni & Jalapeno plus the all-new Chicken BBQ pizza. Open daily starting at 10:00am. Also available via Grab and FoodPanda.

Demetrio’s pizza has been among the leading pizza stores in the city.

Aside from pizza, Demetrio’s pasta servings such as the Sicilian Pomodoro and Chicken Carbonara also stand out.

Kids will also love their Chicken Nugs, the chewy Chookies and latest talk-of-the-town Chiz Mozza.

Browse more photos below.

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