Fred’s Ramyun – Cagayan de Oro’s first self-service ramyun bar to have grand opening on Friday, August 25

Craving for Korean-style instant noodles? FRED’S RAMYUN, Cagayan de Oro’s first self-service ramyun bar located at MJ Food Park (beside City Prosecutor’s Office) at Regatta Square at Pueblo de Oro will finally have its Grand Opening this Friday, August 25, 2023 at 2:00 PM! Be among the first 100 customers and receive a FREE side dish of their choice with any order! Live acoustic music starts at 6 PM, so bring your friends, your energy, and your good vibes.

Fred’s Ramyun is currently on soft opening.

Diners can choose to customize their ramyun in 4 EASY STEPS as follows.

1. Choose your noodles.

2. Then pick your toppings.

3. Pay at the counter

4. Cook and enjoy your ramyun

Don’t know how to use the ramyun cooker? Worry not, just press any number to the desired ramyun style as shown below. Staff can also assist you.

Estimated cooking time is displayed on the timer.

Aside from ramyun, they also serve popular Korean dish as shown below.

Pair it with some popular Korean side dish.

Browse more photos below.

Check it out.

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