COA 2022 Annual Audit Report for Cagayan de Oro City – full report download link

Last week, city officials expressed concern on the just released Annual Audit Report by the Commission on Audit (COA) for 2022 where among other findings and observations, 37 infrastructure projects in Cagayan de Oro worth P211 million were not completed within contract period, of which three (3) projects were reported mobilized but found not yet started during actual inspection.

Here’s a portion of COA’s Annual Audit Report for 2022 for the City Government of Cagayan de Oro.

Below are the 37 projects indicated above. The highlighted projects, namely: SN 78-2022 (P2,997,438.46), SN 159-2022 (P2,997,724.30) and SN 251-2021 (P4,997,024.71) are reported as “mobilized” but found to be “not yet started” upon inspection by COA. Only the Project ID was listed and not the project name so we really don’t know which projects are being referred to.

Download links below.

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