PRC releases new list of non-programmable calculators allowed for Civil Engineering Board Exams starting November 2023

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has released the new list of non-programmable calculators allowed to be used in the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (CELE) only starting November 2023. This is pursuant to Resolution No. 09 series of 2023.

Again, additional rules on the use of calculators shall be strictly observed as follows:

  1. Borrowing, lending, and substitution/replacement of calculators shall NOT be allowed while the examination is in progress.
  2. Only one (1) calculator shall be allowed per examinee inside the examination room.
  3. All calculators shall be inspected, subject to the requirements of Annex A of Commission Memorandum Order No. 57 (s. 2020). The examination personnel reserve the right to inspect an examinee’s calculator at any time during the conduct of the examination. Any calculator which appears to have been tampered, with a broken seal, or is otherwise bearing any unusual feature or configuration shall be confiscated and which fact shall be reflected in the Examination/Incident Report to be submitted to the Board and the Legal Service.

courtesy of PRC

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