RANDOM SHOTS: 1st Drive-in Cinema in Cagayan de Oro now showing at Blvck 8 Park

A whole new cinema experience for Kagayanons with Cagayan de Oro’s first drive-in cinema now showing at Blvck 8 Park in Uptown Cagayan de Oro near Pueblo de Oro. The outdoor cinema costs P250/head good for eight (8) full length feature films beginning at 7:00pm until 5:30am the next day.

It was the first time in the city to have a drive-in cinema. Hopefully, the proponent will improve the operation among others such as: a much larger screen (the current screen is relatively too small for an outdoor cinema); install directional signs (e.g. this way to drive-in cinema, this way to parking area, etc.) to guide motorists (designated marshals only use hand signals like pointing to the place which becomes confusing unless you’re already familiar with the layout); but basically, you can just park anywhere; and lastly, illuminate the park’s entrance that first-timers will definitely miss it because it’s not lighted. Browse photos below.

Accordingly, they plan to operate the drive-in cinema at least once a month.

Below is the movie line-up for the inaugural operation.

Some movie watchers brought their own chairs.

They use LED screen for the film showing.

There is still a lot more space for vehicles.

Because the screen is too small, guests with eye problems will have a hard time viewing the movie.

The screen is also elevated just a few feet from the ground.

The sound system though was very good.

Guests at the park are just there to chill.

Most guests seem disinterested in the movie shown.

There are food and drink options inside the park.

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