Mother recovers son’s lost iPad left at CDO coffeeshop

A mother is all praises for the staff and management of Black Scoop Cafe Corrales branch in Cagayan de Oro City for safe-keeping her son’s iPad which was deemed lost after running errands yesterday. In her Facebook post, netizen Tan Goldy stated that she was not expecting the lost iPad to be found anymore based on her experience. Although she was not expecting it, she remained hopeful that some kind-hearted individual found it.

She stated they were retracing their steps at three different locations when they went to the last location – Black Scoop Cafe to ask if they may have found by chance an iPad that was left yesterday.

Tan Goldy

After hearing her queries, the coffeeshop’s cashier asked her a series of questions like where they have left it, what’s the color of the iPad, among others. She then told him where they sat and the color of the iPad cover (grey) but the gadget itself is white. Satisfied with her answers, the cashier reached something behind the counter and took out her son’s missing iPad! She was so relieved upon seeing her son’s iPad and was even amazed that when they opened the iPad, the battery was still full which meant they did not tinker with it and just safe-kept it.

Tan Goldy was highly appreciative in her post and thanked the staff and management of Black Scoop Cafe Corrales….and yes there are still people like them in CDO.

Read her post in the link below.

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