RANDOM SHOTS: The trending ‘grilled balut’ now in CDO

The trending “Grilled Balut” has finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro City. Hade’s Grilled Balut is located along Capt. Vicente Roa Street near LD Cons and just across The Marketplace of Centrio Ayala Mall. It is perhaps the first to serve the “grilled balut” in the city at Php38 each which became trending in Manila. The same grilled balut is also being sold along RN Pelaez Blvd near Bonbon-Bayabas Junction in Kauswagan but at a cheaper price of Php35 and also in Puntod at 3 for Php100.


Balut or fertilized duck egg is a popular Filipino street delicacy which is a cheaper source of protein and calcium. According to the trending grilled balut vendor in Manila, the idea of “grilling” balut came from Thailand where fertilized duck embryo are placed on a plate or bowl that are placed on a grill. In Manila, it simply retained the tradition of the balut egg and then breaking the top shell to create an opening where they put a spicy sweet chili garlic sauce. They then pierce it with a small bamboo stick.


Basically, the difference between the traditional balut and ‘grilled balut’ is the sweet chili garlic sauce.


Grilling time ranges from about a minute to 4 minutes just enough to heat it and allow the sauce to trickle down inside the egg.


Baluts served are 15-17 days old which means chicks have already formed.


Watch below.

Accordingly, Hades Grilled Balut sells about 10 to 12 trays per night.


They usually start selling between 4PM and 6PM until supply lasts.


This one below is in Kauswagan.


Meanwhile, another is caching in on the trend in Puntod. Photos by Grace Pagara.

Check it out.

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