The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Area Center X (CAAP-X) has reported various development projects at Laguindingan Airport that have been completed such as the construction of communal toilets and food stalls, installation of new LED lights and construction of an accounting office as well as ongoing construction of guard posts and a welcome and exit arch.

The addition of communal toilets at the parking area addressed the increasing demand of the public for more accessible restrooms while a variety of food cuisine notably from Northern Mindanao became available with the construction of food stalls.


Meanwhile, 200 conventional streetlights and 95 conventional floodlights have been replaced with LED type lights for a better and safer ambiance within Laguindingan Airport’s vicinity and to enhance the passive security measures of the airport. Phase 2 of the LED installation project will be implemented along the 4.6-km Access Road of Laguindingan Airport.


Another completed project is the construction of an improved accounting office at its Admin Building which provides a conducive and spacious workplace for CAAP-Laguindingan Airport employees.


Among the ongoing projects at Laguindingan Airport are the construction of a new entry and exit arch structure and a guard house, and the construction of 6 movable and 4 stilted guard posts to be installed at landside and airside of the airport. The project, which started on November 29, 2022 and is targeted to finish by April 27, 2023, will aid in ensuring a better security system at the main airport entrance.

photos/text from CAAP-X

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