Elderly cautions public against mentally disabled person at CM Recto overpass after leg-grabbing incident caused her to fall down and hit her head on the side grill

A 65-year old woman is cautioning the public against a mentally disabled person who usually sits along the stairs on the Ayala side of the pedestrian overpass along CM Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City. This following an incident yesterday, February 17, wherein the said individual grabbed her legs as she was descending down the stairs causing her to lose balance, fall down and hit her head hard on the side grill. She almost collapsed and fortunately, people brought her down the stairs and a concerned citizen brought her to nearby Northern Mindanao Medical Center where a CT Scan later revealed negative result.

In her Facebook post, netizen Esmaelita B. Japos Mesias said the man pretended to be asleep. She thanked the Lord for protecting her and the negative result of the CT Scan. She added that she could have fallen down the stairs if not for another mentally disabled person (shown below in yellow shirt) who blocked her path.

THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD FOR PROTECTING ME! I am 65 years old and I would like to share my experience today so that my fb friends who pass by at the bridge Gaisano to Ayala will be aware of a mentally disabled person who always sit at the stairs going down to Ayala. This afternoon at around 1 o’clock , I passed by there going down and when I am beside this man he grabbed my leg that made me outbalanced, I fell to the floor and my head bumped so hard to the hand grille that I almost collapsed. The people panic, others help me bringing down. I sat downstairs to settle me down and a concern citizen brought me to the nearest hospital. I was immediately attended at the ER and have a ct scan after 30 minutes of waiting. Thank you NMMC and to the doctor and his secretary who attended me for a quick response. Thank you LORD for you are a GREAT PROTECTOR! My CT SCAN is ok..WA RAY DAMAGE AKONG ULO. I share this for you to keep away from this person. Pasumangil lang diay ni ug tulogtulog. Kami nagkagubot na, siya nibalik lang sa iyang position. I am home now and I am fine.THANK YOU LORD! I know there’s a reason why me..

Read her post in the link below.

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