Agri firm clarifies dumped pineapples are biodegradable waste for composting

Lapanday Diversified Foods Corporation has clarified that the dumped pineapples in the viral photos in Aglayan, Malaybalay City are actually ‘biodegradable waste’ which will be processed into fertilizer and are not being given free to the public contrary to the viral social media post by a netizen. Accordingly, the pineapples are labeled as damaged, overripe and already used in product sampling.

The firm also stated that the dumping area is a private property and entering the area without their permission is prohibited. A representative also cautioned the public in eating the dumped pineapples which are meant for composting. The statement was in response to a viral post by a netizen who posted the said photos in Facebook.

Details in IFM Malaybalay below.

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