RANDOM SHOTS: Davao-bound helicopter makes emergency landing at Gingoog City sandbar

A Davao-bound helicopter made an emergency landing at a sandbar off the coast of Zone 4 Brgy 19 in Gingoog City yesterday morning, December 27, 2022. Residents initially thought it was carrying relief goods due to the flood but it was learned later that the helicopter was travelling from Manila when the pilot decided to land because they got lost and could not see through the clouds. It was also raining with strong winds at that time which prompted the pilot to land at the sandbar. The helicopter later took off and proceeded to its destination.

The helicopter was spotted landing at the sandbar at around 7:39am, December 27.


All passengers including the pilot were safe.


Residents approached the helicopter and warned them the site is not safe and the tide could rise.


As shown, the helicopter is colored red with some white markings.


It was learned they were travelling from Manila to Davao but the pilot decided to land at the sandbar after encountering strong winds, rain and thick clouds.


The helicopter later took off and proceeded to its destination. Watch below.

all photos by Marjoy Rodriguez Labadan

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