Miracle at Sea: Mother and child swept away by floods in MisOcc rescued after surviving 3 days afloat at sea

A mother and her child who were declared missing after they were swept away by floods in Taboo, Jimenez, Misamis Occidental past midnight of December 25 are now safe after they were found and rescued by a fisherman, surviving 3 days at sea. Reports state a fisherman named Rico Martinez of Brgy Palilan, Jimenez town found the mother Christelyn Lomo Abastas and her 3-year old youngest child, Crystal Bella Abastas floating at sea. They were immediately brought to the Jimenez Medicare Community Hospital for proper care.


photos by Kuyog ta sa Kalambuan, Jimenez Market Place

Meanwhile, her husband remains missing. Check out Cristelyn’s last post at around 1:00am December 25 shortly before they were swept by floods.

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