Here are the online SIM Card Registration links where existing subscribers can register their SIM cards starting December 27, 2022 as required by RA 11934. SIM Cards not registered during the specified period (until April 2023 for existing subscribers unless extended) will be automatically deactivated.




Again, only the following data and information will be required.

By individual (natural person) end-user:

  1. Full Name;
  2. Date of Birth;
  3. Sex;
  4. Present/ Official Address (Choice by end-user);
  5. Type of ID Presented; and
  6. ID Number Presented.

By juridical entity end-user:

  1. Business Name;
  2. Business Address; and
  3. Full Name of Authorized Signatory.

By foreign national end-user:

  1. Full Name;
  2. Nationality;
  3. Date of Birth;
  4. Passport;
  5. Address in the Philippines;
  6. For Persons of Concern or POCs, the Type of Travel or Admission Document Presented; and
  7. ID Number or Number of Document Presented.

Below are valid IDs accepted:

  • Passport;
  • Philippine Identification System ID, or Philippine Identification Card;
  • Social Security Service ID
  • Government Social Insurance System e-Card;
  • Driver’s License;
  • National Bureau of Investigation clearance;
  • Police clearance;
  • Firearms’ License to Own and Process ID;
  • Professional Regulation Commission ID;
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID;
  • Overseas Worker Welfare Administration ID;
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue ID;
  • Voter’s ID;
  • Senior Citizen’s card;
  • Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card;
  • Persons with Disabilities card; or
  • Other valid government-issued ID with photo.

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