Fraternal Order of Eagles releases statement on viral video of delivery rider and alleged member

The Fraternal Order of Eagles – Philippine Eagles (TFOE-PE) has released a statement on the viral video involving an alleged member and a delivery rider. In a post in its official Facebook page, the statement denounced the actuations which are unbecoming of an Eagle member who should be dignified, compassionate, and respected by the community. Accordingly, as investigated, the involved “eagle member” is not really a genuine member, hence an ‘egol’ as actually labeled by netizens – an embarrassment.

The statement emphasized that “Every one , especially every Filipino, has the right to wear Philippine-inspired apparels including the Philippine Eagle which is the National bird of our country.

If, however, they are wrongfully wearing our TFOE-PE Logo, we have some diplomatic and legal recourse that may be availed in order to protect the identity and integrity of our organization and its brand. Still, we do not have the right to strip people naked or use violence in circumstances such as this incident.“, the statement also read.

TFOE-PE also stressed that members “do not use TFOE-PE membership to brag, to mock, to show authority or power, or to break rules in order to get ahead. We should not have arrogant and shady people in our organization.

Read full statement in the link below.

Meanwhile, TFOE-PE also released their official statement. Read below.


The delivery rider was wearing a long sleeve motorcycle suit with the large image of the Philippine Eagle and flag similar to the one below which can be purchased online.


Meanwhile, Eagle Jojo Valerio, National Vice President for Luzon issued a Memo Circular addressed to all members of TFOE-PE of Luzon. Read below.

from TFOE-PE FB Page

It can be recalled that the incident started when the alleged member approached the delivery rider who was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a large printed image of an eagle and asked him if he is an “Eagle” to which the rider replied he is not. It was then at this juncture that the alleged member demanded that the rider remove his shirt because it’s “prohibited.” The rider replied that he bought his shirt online and if it’s prohibited, it should not be sold online. The argument continued with both persons taking a video/photo of each other. Watch below.

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